‘Cellular Sound’ Multi-Touch Interface

A Multi-Touch screen allows a user to interact directly with visual information, using more than one simultaneous point of contact. It is possible to build such a device for a small amount of money and there are also lots of options when it comes to writing your own Multi-Touch software.

Cellular Sound concerns the use of this technology in gallery and exhibition spaces as a platform for interactive computer art. The application is based around a Cellular Automata, which can be activated by touching the surface of the screen.

By touching the surface of the screen, cells in a grid are illuminated at the participant’s fingertips, triggering musical tones. As more cells become active they begin to react autonomously, however they cannot sustain forever and the participant is invited to continually engage with the algorithmic process.

Read the short paper Interactive Music using Multi-Touch Cellular Automata presented at (re)Actor3: This is LIVErpool, the Third International Conference on Digital Live Art, 2008.

This work is also documented in the show reel.

This project would not have been possible without the combined knowledge of the Nui-Group.

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