Chromosome Needle ‘Psychogenic’

Psychogenic is the second release by my metal band Chromosome Needle, released in February 2013.

It’s a 3 track EP. ‘Psychogenic’ is a brand new track, which we played live at our shows in summer 2012. ‘Glass World Shatters’ is a nightmareish electro-acoustic deconstruction of  Psychogenic, and the EP also features a re-working of ‘Finite Matter’, the second track from Uterine Sun.

I wrote most of the musical parts in collaboration with vocalist Imre Torok. There are additional guitar parts by Andre Verner, and our live drummers James Bourne and Daniel Viteri contributed to writing the drum parts.

Sean Kennedy aka ‘The Magic Puppet‘ (and former Until I Wake guitarist) mastered the Psychogenic EP. The artwork was produced by Bonnie Baker.

‘Psychogenic’ is available for free from Bandcamp.


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