Chromosome Needle ‘Uterine Sun’

Following from Until I Wake, I started a new project to explore some heavier musical directions. The main idea was to combine down-tuned heavy metal riffs, post-digital aesthetics and my previous experiences composing electro-acoustic music. ‘Uterine Sun’ was Chromosome Needle‘s first release. I wrote all the parts, recorded and programmed all the instruments and mixed the songs. Vocalist Imre Torok performed all the vocals and contributed to the arrangement, concept and song structures.

Chromosome Needle was initially intended to be purely studio based, however upon releasing Uterine Sun, we decided to put together a live band and took to the stage.

Uterine Sun is distributed through FiXT, and is streamed and sold through Spotify, Amazon, and other retailers. The EP is also on SoundCloud and can be downloaded on BandCamp.

The EP was mastered by JM Mastering.

We commissioned Bonnie Baker to create the fantastic artwork.

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