A MIDI control surface for the Nintendo DS.


(DS)Integrate is a homebrew Nintendo DS application that allows your DS to remotely control Midi enabled software on Mac, Windows or Linux.

(DS)Integrate is ideal for live performance, remote wireless control of softsynths or sequencing software or as an interface to synthesis algorithms written in SuperCollider, PD etc.

The whole thing was written in C, and I used to run it on an M3 Simply card. Obviously around this time everyone started using things like iPhones and iPads to do this job, so the project is no longer active.




  • 15 touch sensitive faders spread over three on screen ‘pages’.
  • Smooth doubled buffered graphics.
  • Wireless operation using DSMI.



(DS)Integrate can be downloaded here.

(DS)Integrate has been developed and tested using an M3 Simply. Please get in touch if you encounter any problems with other devices.

Installation and usage

  • Follow the instructions for setting up DSMI.
  • Configure your host application to respond to midi messages sent from the DSMI server.
  • Place the DS Integrate .nds file on your homebrew enabled Nintendo DS device. You do not need to patch for DLDI.
  • Run the DSIntegrate.nds file from your homebrew enabled DS.
  • Use the stylus to manipulate the faders and the two ‘shoulder’ buttons on the DS to navigate between the pages of controls.

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