‘Empty’ Music Video

In 2011 collaborated with Max Payn and FTO Films on a music video for ‘Empty’, a song by Chroma-Red.

The video was released in late 2013.

Although I performed bass in the video, I was primarily involved in creating lighting and animatronic effects for the robot prop, which enters the video around two minutes in. I used several Arduino boards to control over a hundred LEDs, an 240 volt electric motor and a vintage brass volt-meter gauge. The LED lighting was dimmable and featured a random mode, required for the final shots to represent the robot’s distress at confronting the video’s protagonist. The volt meter needle followed a ‘random walk’, driven by an analog out from the Arduino, and the motor, mounted on the side of the robot, performed random bursts to give the impression of venting air from inside the machine.

The eye of the robot featured a remote controllable, high-power multi-colour LED lamp. I hacked this lamp by removing the in-built infra-red remote control sensor, and re-positioning it on a cable, so it could still be operated whilst mounted inside the robot.

The spinning fins of the robot are controlled by a Makita hammer drill motor mounted inside the robot’s body. I removed the trigger from the drill and re-wired it onto long cables, so the spinning motion could be controlled while the robot was in shot.


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