Scalar Expanse

Scalar Expanse is an eight channel electro-acoustic composition I created in 2007 at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Art, Middlesex University. The raw sound materials of the composition were derived from recordings of clockwork devices, and through granular synthesis using the Chuck programming language.

The photograph is me in the multi-channel studio at Cat Hill Campus, Middlesex University, arranging the piece within a ProTools setup. Photograph by Steven Doonan


Scalar Expanse was played on the 7th November, 2008, at EuCuE xxvii, Universite Concordia University, Salle Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, 7141 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal QC.

You can listen to a stereo recording of Scalar Expanse diffused at EuCuE XXVii.

Program Notes from EuCuE xxvii
Scalar Expanse is an electro-acoustic composition employing spectral gesture and spatial geometry to explore the notions of movement, space, and scale. Playing with the boundaries between physical space and the implied space of the spectral dimension, Scalar Expanse attempts to depict a shifting aural landscape within the listener’s imagination. The composition is acousmatic, in so far as the implied sound sources are unseen, and the sounds are intended to be unrecognizable, so as not to carry with them reference to real world objects, events or spaces. Temporal structure within Scalar Expanse emerged as a result of experimentation with spatial gesture, description and allusion; an approach to composition derived form from the sounding materials themselves, rather than pre-defined schema.

The eight channel version of Scalar Expanse is available upon request, as eight 44.1khz, 32 bit floting point precision wave files.

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