The Other Room performance

I performed with my father Clive Fencott at The Other Room as part of an evening dedicated to digital poetics at The Castle Hotel, Manchester on Wednesday 2nd July 2014. The venue was packed out, and we performed alongside Hazel Smith and Roger Dean.

We performed three pieces, an updated version of Paradiddle Rox (previous performed at the Colour Out of Space festival back in 2011), a new piece titled ‘Schläfli {5,3} Arduino Bluebird’, and a live electronics version of Clive’s piece Diving the Dimi.

Paradiddle Rox
For Paradiddle Rox, I wrote an Android app to run on a tablet held by Clive during the performance. This app served as both an interactive text for Clive to read and perform from, and a source of wireless control data for various live vocal manipulations running from my laptop. The tablet also communicated with a second laptop to control live projected visuals.

The Paradiddle Rox app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Schläfli {5,3} Arduino Bluebird
The second piece, titled ‘Schläfli {5,3} Arduino Bluebird’ is based around typewritten text attached to the faces of a dodecahedron. I constructed the dodecahedron specifically for this performance and installed within it an accelerometer and wireless transmitter broadcast orientation information. During performance, rotating the dodecahedron caused changes to a range of live vocal processing and sound synthesis.

Clive has also created a an X3D model of the dodecahedron.

There’s also a studio recording of the piece on Soundcloud

Diving the Dimi
The final piece was a modified version of Clive’s earlier ‘Diving the Dimi’, a piece written about a scuba diving experience on a sunken ship in the North Sea off the coast of Redcar. Clive read the text of the poem from paper twisted into a Möbius strip, whilst I created a series of live vocal treatments. Using real time signal processing techniques I was able to separate the sibilant sounds from Clive’s voice and process these in isolation from the vowel sounds. I used a spectral resonator to transform the vowel sounds into deep rumbling tones reminiscent of the cinematic presentation of underwater scenes in movies, whilst the sibilant noises were distorted and emphasised to create additional narrative tension.

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