Wwise C++/Doom Integration

Over the Covid-19 lockdown period I taught myself the Wwise C++ SDK and created a modified version of Doom which replaces the original sound engine with Wwise.

I wrote code to translate the level layout into Wwise geometry, allowing for sound occlusion and diffraction. I also wrote an R-Tree based geometry classifier which analyses the map/level architecture at load time, and calculates appropriate reverb send-levels to create convincing room accoustics.

I remastered all the audio and introduced a lot of brand new audio events into the game, such as:

  • footsteps, where each foot-fall is calculated based on movement velocity, and sound category switches based on floor type (concrete, soft, dirt, water, etc)
  • Shock/Tinnitus sound when significant damage is inflicted to play
  • Bullet ricochets & Shell cartridge sounds
  • Environmental sounds based on wall textures
  • Sounds emanating from powerups, lamps, barrels, ceiling lights and other static map objects

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